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Needing Hero
"I have to use the bathroom," Jaejoong deadpans as soon as he crosses the threshold of the dorm and heads to the bathroom, leaving his band mates staring at him oddly. Picture frames containing paintings of boring landscapes rattle as he slams the bathroom door behind him; one falls from its rusty nail and Jaejoong can hear glass shatter. Voices murmur in the kitchen.
He sits on the edge of the bathtub and sighs, wondering why he even came to Seoul in the first place. Why did he he leave his family, only to sell chocolates and bubblegum outside of a supermarket in order to pay his rent? Why did he come to this big city just to fulfill a dream that he wasn't sure he could finish fulfilling?
"Dammit, Youngwoong," he mutters, gripping the hard plastic edge of the bathtub until his knuckles turn white. "Get it together, will you?"
He can't dance like Yunho. He can't rap like Yoochun. He isn't cute like Junsu. He doesn't have half the wit that Changmin does. He's the oldest, yet he's not th
:iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 9 5
Kim Jaejoong by The-Crazed-Writer Kim Jaejoong :iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 4 0
Sacred Sound
The repetitive beeping was the only thing that mattered to Kim Jonghyun. It'd been the only thing keeping him sane, keeping him from yelling and screaming, for the past few days. As long as there was beeping, he would be alright.
He hadn't left the hospital room since it had happened, he couldn't leave. He was stuck here, forced by the beeping noise that meant everything to him to stay where he could still hear it. He'd slept here, he'd eaten here, he'd gotten his college work sent here, all to stay within range of the noise. It's soft tones lulled him to sleep at night and woke him up every morning. It was his lifeline.
The beeping was all he had to live for.
He adjusted his position on the bed, pulling the mostly motionless body that lay next to him closer. The subtle rising and falling of her chest, and the sacred beeping sound, was the only thing that indicated that she was still alive. Otherwise
:iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 7 5
"Jinki sunbae!"
Lee Jinki spun around to see someone running towards him. He then recognized Kim Kibum, a boy that was two years younger than him, yet was in the same grade as him due to recently skipping over fourth and fifth grade. He hadn't talked to the younger boy that much, so he couldn't figure out why Kibum would be running at him in such a hurry.
"Hi Kibu- ouch!" Kibum ran into him at full speed, knocking the wind out of his lungs for a couple of seconds.
"He's trying to steal my money, sunbae! Help!" the younger boy yelped and clung to Jinki's arm.
"Who?" Jinki asked while trying to pry Kibum from his arm. Even through the sleeves of his shirt, he could feel Kibum's fingernails digging painfully into his skin.
Before Kibum could give an answer, he heard a yell from the same direction that Kibum had come running from. Looking up, he saw Kim Jonghyun storming towards them. Jinki didn't necessarily know Jonghyun all that well; all he knew about the boy was that he was younger th
:iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 8 2
Tick Tock by The-Crazed-Writer Tick Tock :iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 12 3 MinKey Edit by The-Crazed-Writer MinKey Edit :iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 17 2
More Important
"Can I help you?"
"Account number, please."
"Have a nice day!"
A low murmur of voices rang throughout the spacious lobby of the Japanese bank. Some belonged to the tellers, dressed in sharp clothing while standing behind their little glass windows; some belonged to the people on the other side of that window, impatient and wanting nothing but to get whatever they needed and get out. Because in reality, nobody liked going to the bank. Nobody enjoyed standing in the long lines, waiting to get some money from their accounts or deposit some money, or whatever else they were there to do. And those voices, the voices that drilled themselves into the ears of every single person in the entire lobby because of the horrible acoustics, were simply enough to drive anybody insane.
Luckily, none of those voices belonged to teenage girls. Whether it was because no teenage girl would go near a bank with a ten foot pole or because no parent had enough patience to bring a teenager with them, there were
:iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 2 25
Unknown - Chapter Four
"Taemin...where are you?! Taemin!"
Taemin's eyes snapped open.  His dreams had been confusing and filled with unfamiliar faces, some staring at him silently, some speaking to him. The ones that had been speaking were drowned out as if they were far away, though they appeared to be right in front of him and were obviously yelling, their voices reduced to a mere whisper. Taemin couldn't recall what their words had been.
Sunlight streamed through the open window. A warm breeze flowed into the room, carrying the sounds of the city along with it and blowing the plain curtains from their usual place. He could hear voices from the streets below, along with the familiar sound of cars driving on the roads and the occasional honking of a car horn.
Taemin was grateful that he had slept soundly because of the pain medication, though he was disappointed to see that it had worn off while he'd slept. Sitting up, his shoulders and the back of his head throbbed as if to protest his sud
:iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 5 1
Mature content
0330 Chapter Two :iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 5 11
Mature content
0330 :iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 8 13
SHINee Phone Cover by The-Crazed-Writer SHINee Phone Cover :iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 1 4
Mature content
Unknown - Chapter Three :iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 5 13
Mature content
Unknown - Chapter Two :iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 5 6
Unknown - Chapter One
"Key hyung, look at these!"
Taemin stood in front of a clothing store, looking into the glass window where clothing and other things were being worn by mannequins. He waved Key over from where the blonde was looking at something in another store.
"What is it, Taemi- oh!" Key looked to where Taemin was pointing. A pink pair of skinny jeans with a  rhinestone heart over the pockets stood on display on a torso-less mannequin, among other equally as bright articles of clothing.
Key ruffled Taemin's red hair quickly. "I've taught you well, maknae." Before walking into the store, he yelled to Jonghyun, "Yah, Jonghyun hyung, I see a shirt with your name on it!"
Jonghyun, who was looking at something on the other side of the street, looked over and nodded with a smile on his face. Oblivious to the traffic, he crossed over to them without looking for cars.
Once he strode up to them, Taemin shook his head. "You really should look for cars before crossing, hyung. You're lucky people in
:iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 14 26
Mature content
Oh My Gosh :iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 9 50
Mature content
Behind Closed Doors - Taemin :iconthe-crazed-writer:The-Crazed-Writer 8 22


Steel Illusion: Prologue
Set in a Post-apocalyptic world, were pollution is a greater impact on the human world. When pollution can mutate a person's body into something terrible. When the only ones who are not mutated are cherished beyond belief. The ones who are mutated have fragile and jagged bones, and once they are needed they are transformed into the perfect person. Flat pieces of metal replace their brittle bones; faces are marked to turn beautiful. Strength increases and they are sent to do what others cannot, they are often slaves, popular in doing hard work that the nonmutated can do, and sometimes to the wealthy they are body guards. The natural born who aren't mutated are wealthy and treat the mutated as if they are only metal without hearts. Never to communicate the Natural Born and The Metal Ones are suddenly crossed between two, sending lines to be crossed and rules to be broken that were never meant to.
Pain. Pained seemed to be the only thing he had felt in his eighteen years of living. The fe
:iconfreakypuppet:FreakyPuppet 13 7
Kuroshit MSN Adventures: I'm ****ing Sebastian by madelezabeth
Mature content
Kuroshit MSN Adventures: I'm ****ing Sebastian :iconmadelezabeth:madelezabeth 3,603 854
.: Hyukie :. by TimSawyer .: Hyukie :. :icontimsawyer:TimSawyer 237 80 .: Lee MinHo :. by TimSawyer .: Lee MinHo :. :icontimsawyer:TimSawyer 394 153 .: Lee Donghae :. by TimSawyer .: Lee Donghae :. :icontimsawyer:TimSawyer 216 75 .: JYJ's Yoochun :. by TimSawyer .: JYJ's Yoochun :. :icontimsawyer:TimSawyer 132 38 Minkey_Bubble pop! by limit73er Minkey_Bubble pop! :iconlimit73er:limit73er 27 2
For You
I've always been the one
To stand solid on my feet
But hey, for you?
I think I'm willing to admit defeat.
Weak knees,
I think it's the look from the eyes
Hell, I'm thinkin' that it's that
I can call you mine.
Call me a hopeless romantic
Or just plain pathetic
But look, I'm a poet,
I was bound to write it.
This thing that's happening,
Yeah, I'm still trying to believe it,
But baby, I'm fallin' for you,
And I'm not sure
If this is something you knew
:iconshadowsfall196:ShadowsFall196 5 5
.: SHINEE's Onew :. by TimSawyer .: SHINEE's Onew :. :icontimsawyer:TimSawyer 674 218 .: Key :. by TimSawyer .: Key :. :icontimsawyer:TimSawyer 339 95
KiWook - Writer Of Love Letters
Ryeowook looked at his seatmate named Kibum, who was busy writing. Ryeowook knew that Kibum wasn't writing notes but instead, he was writing love letters. A lot of people went to Kibum to ask him to write love letters for them because Kibum was good and had his way with words. Kibum was smart enough and studied in advance so he doesn't need to listen to whatever the teacher was blabbering. On the other hand, Ryeowook would listen attentively to the teacher and calls out Kibum's attention when the teacher was approaching or asking towards Kibum.
There are times when Kibum would ask Ryeowook to send the love letter to the person who asked him to write it or directly to the person that was dedicated to. "So to whom shall I send this letter to?" Ryeowook asked as he received the envelope that obviously has a love letter inside.
"It's yours." Kibum said casually.
"…huh?" Ryeowook was dumbfounded.
"Someone asked me to write a love letter for you."
Ryeowook wanted to ask who it was from
:iconjishubunny:Jishubunny 11 13
I'll drag you to my world. by KnotBerry I'll drag you to my world. :iconknotberry:KnotBerry 268 21 Lee Taemin by Kota-san Lee Taemin :iconkota-san:Kota-san 92 53 SHINee :: Key by nanokorea SHINee :: Key :iconnanokorea:nanokorea 288 31 Bath time by KnotBerry Bath time :iconknotberry:KnotBerry 143 32 Nickname by KnotBerry Nickname :iconknotberry:KnotBerry 289 29



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Oops, I forgot about dA for a long period of time again. ^^;

I won't be around (and haven't been) all that much. I'm focusing on school since it's my senior year. The grades I get impact what colleges and universities I can get into and the scholarships I can receive, so I'm putting my all into improving my GPA and my class rank. If I can get within the top 10% of my class, I can go to a local community college completely for free. So I'm aiming for that and then planning transfer to a four year school to complete my Bachelor's degree.

I'm ranked 28 as of last Friday, and my class has 210 people. So I need to get at least to number 21. Wish me luck~

I will have some oneshot fics soon....ish. I sent them to my beta reader last week and she hasn't gotten back to me with either, and it'll take anywhere from a day to a few days to discuss and fix errors once she does finish. ><; I am writing, though.

Also, I did get my license and did not get the job I was interviewed for.
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